Intermediate Grades 4-5 Curriculum

Language Arts
  • Reading and writing activities connected to units of inquiry
  • Developing oral presentation skills
  • Exploring fiction and non-fiction stories and texts
  • Refining skills in both reading and writing – continual assessments of reading and comprehension skills through Developmental Reading Assessments
  • Discovering spelling and cursive writing programs
  • Developing critical thinking skills including introduction to passage of time, units of measurement (length, mass, volume and area) and exploring perimeters
  • Relating math to real world situations, beyond rote memorization and computation
Social Responsibility 
  • Understanding the importance of mindfulness in day to day life and personal wellness
  • Learning conflict resolution techniques
Physical and Health Education
  • Developing an awareness of the various aspects of personal health in developing a balanced lifestyle
  • Discovering physical activity preferences
  • Playing indoor and outdoor games and organized sports
Social Studies
  • Studying current and past Canadian events to learn to analyze information and understand various beliefs, values and world views
  • Learning through Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • Engaging in hands-on, inquiry-based activities and experiments
  • Learning safety with tools
Applied Skills (Technology)
  • Using class sets of iPads
  • Discovering various educational apps used to enhance student learning
  • Exploring coding through the use of apps and robots
  • Obtaining an introduction to circuit boards
Mandarin Language Arts
  • Developing oral language skills
  • Learning to write in Mandarin
  • Exploring topics related to units of inquiry
Fine Arts
  • Exploring various skills and media
  • Developing fine art skills
  • Engaging in artist studies
  • Playing drama games that teach students to better understand their bodies and the space around them
  • Engaging in two major performances per year
  • Developing oral presentation skills
  • Learning through movement activities
  • Exploring orff and percussion instruments
  • Choosing between learning the recorder or ukulele
  • Playing music games
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tempo and pitch
Career Education
  • Developing good leadership skills through buddy work with other students and community service
  • Engaging in community service club opportunities
  • Developing good learning and work habits
  • Understanding goal-setting
  • Discovering problem solving skills
  • Exploring self-identity through project-based initiatives