Middle Grades 6-7 Curriculum

Language Arts
  • Exploring, becoming immersed in and genuinely enjoying a variety of text and media
  • Engaging in activities involving speaking and listening, reading, viewing, writing and representing in order to strengthen their skills in all facets of literacy
  • Thinking critically, creatively and reflectively in order to appreciate language and make connections
  • Examining a wide range of content including short stories, novels, non-fiction and research, poetry exploration, article writing and a detailed study and performance of a Shakespearean play
Outdoor Education
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Enhancing skills
  • Linking experiences to curriculum
  • Building courage
  • Exploring new environments and growing developmental curiosity
  • Solving problems related to time, sports, travel, money management, science and art
  • Using mathematical thinking to connect, create, communicate, visualize, reason and solve
  • Analyzing novel and complex problems from a variety of perspectives
  • Considering possible solutions and evaluating their effectiveness
  • Generating confidence in math skills and abilities
Physical and Health Education
  • Participating in different types of physical activity to influence physical literacy, personal health and fitness goals
  • Learning to enjoy physical activity
  • Determining how to make healthy choices to influence physical, emotional and mental well-being
  • Discovering new sports and activities such as martial arts, dancing, curling, Ultimate Frisbee, bowling and more
Social Studies
  • Delving into the history of society and building a greater understanding of how our world became what it is today. The subject matter is wide and varied but will cover topics such as:
  • Economic instability and conflict
  • Formation and current state of governments
  • Complex global challenges that require international collaboration
  • The role of media today
  • How systems of government vary in their respect for human rights and freedoms
  • Developing the ability to think critically, solve problems and make ethical decisions to:
  • Communicate their questions, express opinions and challenge ideas in a scientifically literate way
  • Exercise an awareness of their role as an ecologically literate citizenry, engaged and competent in meeting the responsibilities of caring for living things and the planet
  • Gaining opportunities to ask questions, identify beliefs and opinions, consider a range of views, work collaboratively and ultimately make informed conclusions that lead to responsible choices
  • Using conceptual learning with both traditional ecological knowledge and First Peoples perspectives embedded in the curriculum
Mandarin Language Arts
  • Listening and viewing with intent to understand an increasing variety of messages
  • Using strategies to help understand and acquire language
  • Discuss interests in Mandarin
  • Gaining reciprocal interactions, which are possible even with limited Mandarin
  • Understanding through stories
  • Deepening knowledge of Chinese communities to develop cultural awareness
  • Listening and speaking while also building skills in reading and writing
  • Using present, past and future tenses with ease in both oral and written work
Fine Arts
  • Developing imaginative ability and fluency primarily in drawing
  • Receiving an introduction to the elements and principles of design
  • Gaining experiences and the opportunities to explore a variety of media
  • Learning art history to illustrate the elements of good design
  • Compare themes and traditions in drama from a variety of cultural, social and historical contexts
  • Create roles to explore a range of issues, responses and themes to build confidence, communication and knowledge
  • Discovering speech, movement, role play, improvisation and acting
  • Building creative growth through patience, readiness to take risks and willingness to try new approaches
  • Expressing individual and collective perspectives
  • Leaning from artists who challenge the status quo and explore new perspectives and experiences
  • Starting concert band and vocals (Grade 6 students only)
  • Engaging in in-house organization and activities
  • Attending leadership programs as part of ISABC
  • Participating as “buddies” with younger students in the performing arts
Digital Media Arts
  • Learning about digital photography, video and sound design
  • Developing knowledge and skills in digital media arts to be prepared for the future in the growing tech industry
  • Building valuable skills and learning to use technology safely and responsibly
  • Working on projects that are integrated with work in other subjects, overarching themes and whole school events
Health and Technology
  • Attaining skills, attitudes and behaviors to enhance personal well-being and become prepared for a world of complex, ongoing change
  • Exploring and covering elements from the Health, Career Explorations and Applied Skills (Technology) curriculum
  • Gaining insights from community visitors who present different points of view and provide opportunities for discussions
  • Examining ethical and social issues related to the use of information and communications technology
  • Finding, gathering, assessing and communicating information using electronic means and learning about the safe and responsible use of the technology.
Other Opportunities
  • Camp
  • Field study