Welcome to Chaoyin International School. Whether you are a parent looking for the right fit for your child, or a self-starting student looking for an exciting high school education in Vancouver, we are happy to invite you into our school community.

Gregory Corry
Head of School

About Chaoyin Bilingual School

Chaoyin Bilingual School is a Canadian B.C.- based Bilingual Elementary School. It provides an education program for students from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

One of the most unique aspects of Chaoyin Bilingual School is our Mandarin Language Program - the only program of its kind in Richmond. Chaoyin is located in an area where Mandarin is a frequently practiced language. Chaoyin offers students opportunities and experiences which they can apply to the global community they will be entering as adults. The advantages of learning these two languages along with the exposure to different cultures, create endless opportunities and potential for our students.

Chaoyin Bilingual School is located in the city of Richmond, which is directly adjacent to Vancouver, a major economic center of Canada (and one of the world's most livable cities). Chaoyin Bilingual School recruits outstanding students locally and globally, and focuses on the balanced development of students’ personality and academics, encouraging them to develop an independent and confident learning style. Chaoyin Bilingual School is committed to maintaining a learning environment where students flourish through cooperation, exploration and taking risks. We believe that the definition of success is connected to how effectively we work with others, while achieving our personal best version of ourself both academically and emotionally.