Kindergarten - Grade 3 Curriculum

Language Arts
  • Beginning to develop literacy skills
  • Playing with story and language to develop an understanding of story structure and literary elements
  • Participating in a story workshop
  • Exploring drama integration
  • Learning through guided reading
  • Using multi-modal literacy centers
  • Engaging in tactical learning
  • Discovering an introduction to number sense, graphing, shapes, measurement and patterning
  • Learning hands-on and with the use of manipulatives
  • Beginning to develop mental math strategies
Social Responsibility 
  • Creating an understanding of oneself and others
  • Using brain science, self-regulation, social awareness and problem solving
Physical and Health Education
  • Collaborating in games which encourage an understanding of the importance of daily physical activity
  • Learning sportsmanship and fair play
  • Discovering fundamentals and safety
  • Using the school gym and going outside
  • Developing an awareness of good health practices including healthy eating, healthy relationships and positive self-image
Social Studies
  • Contributing to a community
  • Discovering how communities change over time
  • Understanding how our community shapes who we are
  • Engaging in various field studies to enhance understanding
  • Developing a sense of wonder for the world
  • Investigating through hands-on experiments to encourage questioning and predicting
  • Attending various field studies to enhance understanding
Applied Skills (Technology)
  • Using class sets of iPads
  • Utilizing technology for printing practice, reading and “word work”
  • Learning basic presentation skills and an introduction to PowerPoint
  • Creating books and composing songs on GarageBand
  • Gaining an introduction to coding
  • Learning basic conversational skills
  • Engaging in show and tell
  • Using vocabulary linking to units of inquiry
  • Counting and learning the different parts of the body
Fine Arts
  • Exploring different mediums and techniques
  • Discovering opportunities for personal exploration
  • Engaging in artist studies
  • Developing oral language skills
  • Participating in two performances per year
  • Using tableaus and puppetry
  • Engaging in movement activities
  • Playing musical games
  • Performing throughout the year
  • Playing orff and percussion instruments
  • Exploring rhythm, beat, tempo and pitch
Career Education
  • Setting personal goals for the school year
  • Acknowledging accomplishments, skills and interests
  • Developing healthy relationships

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